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Get an extra option while copying files in WINDOWS XP


When you try to copy files in your computer from one location to the other. You might sometimes face a condition where the files you are about to copy, already exist at the target location.

In Windows XP,
When you face such type of condition, you are asked to decide whether you want to:

  1. YES - Replace the file.
  2. YES TO ALL - Replace the files(if there are multiple files that already exist).
  3. NO - Don't want to replace the file.
  4. CANCEL - Do Nothing.

Here, if you click NO, the current file will be skipped and you will be asked to replace the next file which already exist.

Which means, "if there are multiple files that already exist", you don't have any option where you can select that you "Don't want to replace any of the files."

In short, we want a option which enables us to "deny the replacement of all the files that already exist".


When you are asked to select the above options and you want to deny the replacement of already existing files.

Simply press and hold "SHIFT" button and click on NO.

All the replacements will be denied and if there is a large number of files, your time will be saved.


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