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Favicon not shown in Google Chrome - Blogger Blog

If you see the browser's tab for this page that you are reading right now, you will see an icon which I have configured to be displayed.

I know you also have it for your own blog/website, but it does not show up in some browsers like Google Chrome and Internet Explorer.

You have got nothing wrong with the piece of code in your <HEAD> tag. You referred to some blog or website which provided you the code, and Come On! its working in Firefox which means that problem is something else.

Normally, adding the following code in the head tag works fine for your website.
<link href='link-to-favicon' rel='icon' type='image/x-icon'/>
But we don't have a website here :( Its a Blogger Blog. Blogger automatically adds the above tag while rendering your blogger site being displayed to a user, which has the default blogger icon

Google Chrome renders the first available rel='icon' link tag and displays it on the browser's tab. As Blogger adds the tag at the very start of the of the <HEAD> tag, your custom tag fails there and doesn't show up.

If you want your favicon to be displayed always regardless of what browser is used to access your blog, better is to upload it to your Blogger's Favicon Widget.

Steps: How to add a favicon to your Blogger Blog?
  1. Go to your Blogger Dashboard
  2. Navigate to the Layout Tab
  3. Try to find the Favicon Widget your Blog's Layout, click on the Edit link available there. Please see the following screenshot.
  4. Now, upload the favicon from your computer that you want to be displayed as your blog's icon. See the screenshot. If you want to create your own icon, refer How to make your Own Icons using MS Paint in Windows.
  5. Simply click the Save button, Now you should be able to see you uploaded favicon in any of the browsers where it failed before.
Please go to Google Chrome and try to reload the page where the favicon was unable to show up. Press CTRL + F5 to hard refresh if a normal reload doesn't work.


  • Aryan Venkat said:  

    I've tried the 2nd approach too.
    Still chrome is displaying blogger's favicon.
    It sucks. Show me another way.

  • Николай Тимофеевич Станошек said:  

    That is not working now, your blog name plus favicon.ico is defaulting to

  • Aman S. Aneja said:  

    @Николай Тимофеевич Станошек
    You can see the favicon of the current window, it shows "A" which is a custom favicon designed by me!

  • Aman S. Aneja said:  

    Sorry for so much delayed answer :-)
    Did you try Hard refreshed and clearing the cache!

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