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Export Email Addresses of your Facebook friends

There are many application on Facebook which enable your to export your friends' details but they don't provide you with their emails addresses.

For example, search the App Export Friends To CSV on facebook, you can use this Facebook App to retrieve your friends' Full name, Birthday, Hometown, Facebook ID, Last name, First name, About me, Current location, Profile URL and Picture URL, But unfortunately NOT the Email.

There are certain Greasemonkey scripts and other hacks that can help to fetch your friends' Email Addresses from your Facebook account but by using that you can put yourself in trouble as Zukerberg's battalion may ban your account for lifetime.

Export Emails of your FB Friends Legally

Facebook APIs doesn't expose Email Addresses of users due to which none of the Facebook Apps provide you with your friends' Email Addresses. However, there is a 100% legal way to have all your Facebook contacts into your PC from Facebook's so called Security Chambers.

Video Source:

The trick shown in above Video is quite simple,

You use Yahoo Address Book to Import Email to your Yahoo Account and then Eventually to your Computer.

Follow these Steps if you were unable to understand them in the Video.
  1. Go to
  2. Find and Click the Tools Drop Down and select Import.
  3. On the Next Page, Click on the Facebook Logo, Facebook will ask you to authorize the account, provide your Facebook Login Details.
  4. You're done, Once you are Authenticated, Yahoo will Automatically Import it to your Yahoo Account.
  5. Categorize the Last Imported Addresses into suitable category you want, preferably Facebook, this is  just to differentiate them from your previously existing contacts on you Yahoo.
  6. Export your Contact into any format available, Microsoft Outlook mostly used.

Note: If Yahoo is unable to import contacts, Go to your Facebook account and open Application Settings and Remove Yahoo! Contact Importer from your Profile and try the steps again.


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