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Upload a photo without downloading it on your computer

Ever thought of uploading a photo onto websites, without browsing it from your system? Follow this video to watch out this thing happening.

Hope you have seen the video and reading this now :) Technically, what the system does in background is, when you paste a URL in the File Browse it downloads the image temporarily to your system and then passes it on for uploading it.

Hope you all liked and will use it while uploading photos to your favourite websites like, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, etc. Continue Reading...

Quick Find in Mozilla Firefox

Thursday, March 7, 2013 2 comments Quick Find in Mozilla FirefoxSocialTwist Tell-a-Friend

firefox tip - quick find

Ever thought about finding a word/phrase without pressing Ctrl + F ?

Mozilla Firefox enables you to instantly find some word which you expect could exist on the web page being displayed in your browser.

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Favicon not shown in Google Chrome - Blogger Blog

If you see the browser's tab for this page that you are reading right now, you will see an icon which I have configured to be displayed.

I know you also have it for your own blog/website, but it does not show up in some browsers like Google Chrome and Internet Explorer.

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Loudspeaker Icon in WhatsApp - What is it?

WhatsApp Icon
I believe that you landed here out of curiosity that what does the loudspeaker icon indicate in a WhatsApp conversation.

Normally when we send a WhatsApp message, we see the time-stamp and a double tick-mark like this .

It is a confirmation that the recipient has successfully received the message on his/her device.
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How To Close All Tabs from Same Website / Domain in your Browser

Multiple tabs opened simultaneously for facebook
Multiple tabs opened simultaneously for facebook
Many a times while browsing, you end up into a situation where you have so many tabs that closing all the irrelevant tabs becomes a pain.

Mostly it happens while you are on facebook, google, wikipedia or some other website where links take you round the world, all because you don't want to get rid of one page but want to go the other, yes I am talking about Open in new tab feature that all the browsers provide. This feature is majorly responsible for your arrival to this page :)

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