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How To Close All Tabs from Same Website / Domain in your Browser

Multiple tabs opened simultaneously for facebook
Multiple tabs opened simultaneously for facebook
Many a times while browsing, you end up into a situation where you have so many tabs that closing all the irrelevant tabs becomes a pain.

Mostly it happens while you are on facebook, google, wikipedia or some other website where links take you round the world, all because you don't want to get rid of one page but want to go the other, yes I am talking about Open in new tab feature that all the browsers provide. This feature is majorly responsible for your arrival to this page :)

Though your browsers provide you a lot of features like Close Other Tabs or Close All Tabs to the Right. They are not enough, as there are many other tabs that you do not wish to close.

Closing all the tabs from the same website on a single click, sounds great! Yes, you can do the trick with the help of some very interesting plugins/add-ons/extensions (whatever you want to call them).

For Mozilla Firefox Users

TabCloser will help you get rid of all the open tabs from the same website. All you have to do is install this add-on using the above link and click ADD TO FIREFOX and restart your firefox.

Now, whenever you end up in the above situation, just go to any tab that you want to close along with all the corresponding tabs open for that website.

Right click on the tab and select Close x Tab(s) from host (where host is the host name of the selected tab) and there you go.


For Google Chrome Users

Close All Tabs From A Site is an extension which will do the same job as the TabCloser add-on for Firefox. Just click on the above link and click on ADD TO CHROME, no need of restarting chrome.

Next time you want to close all the tabs from same websites, right click anywhere on the webpage (not the tab this time) and select the option Close all tabs from this site.

Close All Tabs From a Site


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