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Loudspeaker Icon in WhatsApp - What is it?

WhatsApp Icon
I believe that you landed here out of curiosity that what does the loudspeaker icon indicate in a WhatsApp conversation.

Normally when we send a WhatsApp message, we see the time-stamp and a double tick-mark like this .

It is a confirmation that the recipient has successfully received the message on his/her device.

The above is when you send a message, similarly when you receive a message you see a timestamp but no tick-mark or check-mark as it is the message you have received.

But there is a weird received message which has a Loudspeaker icon with the time-stamp. Also the background color of this message is different. See the below screenshot.
Message with a loudspeaker icon in WhatsApp Conversation
What does this Loudspeaker Icon Means?
  • When a WhatsApp user broadcasts a message to a number of people in their contacts, all the recipients of that message will be able to such message which has a loudspeaker icon with the time-stamp.
  • This is to indicate that message is not only sent to you, but also broadcasted to other people simultaneously.
  • To drag user's attention, the background color is also changed.
So, now those who think something is wrong with their WhatsApp or some other stuff. Please don't think much. Its not a bug or something special with your phone, its just a feature, that's it :)


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