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Tera Copy - Makes copy easy

You might be thinking what is Tera Copy Now?

  • Let me tell you that Tera Copy is a software which enables you to files and folders in a very RAPID & consistent manner.
  • It shows every CRC code which is used by the system to copy the file from one location to other.
  • Its not that it only copies the file you can also move the files, by using the same typical commands (CTRL + C and CTRL + V), the difference is that the interface will be different and more user friendly.
  • You can set the buffer level according to amount of data to be copied( from 256kb to 20MB, only in version 1.1)
  • The below Screen Shots describe the interface of Tera Copy.

Download and enjoy...


Note: I have included two versions of Tera Copy in the above link. Its upon you that which one you want to use, 1.1 OR 2.0. I yet use 1.1 cause I like it and also habitual to it.

The main difference in both the version is, in version 1.1 you can set buffer levels manually and in the later version buffer selection is automated.


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