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Use your Notepad as DIARY in Windows XP

Do you ever wanted to maintain your Diary in your computer? Now you can do this without use of any software.

This is a really cool tip for people who use notepad to note down important information day to day.


  1. Open Notepad.
  2. Simply type .LOG (Remember a "fullstop" followed by "LOG" {UPPERCASE})
  3. Save the file as My Diary or any other most preferred name.
  4. Go to the Location where you saved the file, double click it to open and notice that Notepad appends the current date and time and places the cursor below it.
  5. Type your notes for that particular time, Save and Close the file.
  6. The Next time you open the file, Notepad again repeats the process.

It acts as a virtual diary.....

Suggestion: If u make a single dairy for a month it would be a long list. So try to make a file on weekly basis. For example, June09_4th_week.txt, July_1st_week.txt an so on...

Hope u like it......leave ur comment


  • sarang... said:  

    Thank You so much. I was Looking for a Diary. I got the solution. Thank You so much for sharing this. Love You!!!

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