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Its now easy to copy ORKUT images

Now Copy all the images from orkut whether from your profile or whether from any one else's profile!!(No need to use print screen and all that stuff)

Just follow simple steps:

1. Go to the Album page where you see the all images, Open the image which you want to save!

2. Now bring the mouse pointer over the image and CLICK and HOLD the mouse and drag the image a little, nah! nah! dont leave the mouse now, yet there is something to do!
3. Now Press Win Key + D which will directly take you to desktop, I believe you haven't released the mouse, now release the mouse on desktop and see the magic.

4. The Image is copied in (.jpeg) format on your Desktop, just Rename it as the name provided by orkut would be very big and then enjoy. As you have fooled orkut.
1. In case of Internet Explorer it will ask Yes/No. Click Yes to Copy else No.
2. Best Supported in Mozilla Firefox as you can see the SOUL the image while dragging(Just kidding)
Contact me if you face any problem!


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