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Send BULK SMS upto 440 Characters for free with SMS7

SMS7 is a courtesy by which enables you to send free SMS anywhere in INDIA more over, one can Schedule the time delivery for a SMS ,i.e, we can send future SMS to a person!

For example, Birthday, Anniversary etc.

Its not just for sending SMS,

• It completely manages the Contacts, Delivery Reports,Scheduled SMS Reports.
• Create a Phonebook with different facilities.
• Create new groups like Best Friends, Work Place, etc.
• Schedule the Date & Time when you wish the SMS to be delivered.
• Specify Recipient names in SMS by adding #NAME# in it. For example, add Hi Aman by writing Hi #NAME# if Aman is there in your Sending List.

Create a Phonebook with different facilities.

You can manage your Groups, Contacts from your PhoneBook.

Create new groups

You can make new groups according to your preference by clicking on Group Name from the PhoneBook utility shown above.

Schedule the Date & Time when you wish the SMS to be delivered

Send the SMS on a specific time in future! You can type a very long sms and schedule it for some date and time in future!

Manage Search and Export your Phonebook

You can Delete, Search, and Export your contacts to Notepad and MS Excel on your hard drive!

Adding Contacts to your Phonebook

Add contacts to your Phonebook under different groups you have made before. Check the Option Allow Duplicate if you want this contact in other Groups also.

Sending Bulk SMS with Recipient Name

Click on Add Mobile No's from PhoneBook and select all the numbers to which you want to send the SMS. Specify #NAME# in the Message Content and the name of the person will be added in the message from the PhoneBook. allows you to send 440 characters SMS out of which 360 characters are yours and the remaining 80 characters are consumed by the website for ads!
As you can see in the Snapshots visible above, SMS7 only provides 50 SMSs per day! I believe if its 440 characters then we should not have a problem with the limit of 50!
Also we can send only 5 SMSs to a particular number in a single day!
With all the above features that SMS7 provides i dont think that consumption 80 characters by the owner for ads, would be a distraction for us!

You can Log On to SMS7 here! and Experience the above features!


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